Seven Oaks Dressage Extravaganza:

All of our shows are designed to be friendly, fun and welcoming to all levels of rider and horse, as well as all types of training. Along with traditional USDF, USEF & FEI dressage tests, we offer western dressage, gaited dressage, lead-line dressage and even "my horse needs another horse in the arena to baby-sit" dressage. Ask us for any special requests that you have and we'll do our best to accomodate you. And, we have great prizes and ribbons and high-point awards.

Below you will find results for the competition clinic on Sunday, Oct 21, 2018. We plan to hold at least one more show and/or competition clinic in 2018. Scores from the comp clinics will count towards year-end awards.

orig 2nd time
ZHANG, YINAN &  Luke  amat <50  seat-and-position 66.154% 69.231%
TEMPERATO, LAURA & Berry  amat < 50  tests? 71.539% 76.346%
BALGOOYEN, LAURA & Demi  amat < 50  Intro C  69.750% 74.750%
ZELLER, KAREN & Balou amat < 50 SO training Flex 1 72.000% 73.500%
FOSTER, HELEN & Tucker    Amat < 50 Intro B 70.625% 71.875%
THOMPSON, HOLLY & Atticus 1st-1 69.375% 70.469%
LOBNER, KASSI & Shiloh  prof  Intro B   70.000% 72.187%
TIDMARSH, MIRIAM & Bandit  pro  Intro B  68.750% 71.875%
SWITCHENKO, PEGGY & Lady Gwenevere  amat 50+    Tr-1 65.652% 67.391%
SETO, SOFIA & Huckleberry Days  Jr Beg Nov A 69.444% 72.500%
EDWARDS, EMILY &  Diesel   amat < 50  Tr-3  69.090% 70.000%


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